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My name is David Silva, born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. I've always had a passion for software and technology. I love to create software to make people's lives easier, simpler and fun!

I've been working as a Web Developer since mid 2009, and with Ruby on Rails since December 2010, since then I couldn't go back, I fell in love with the simplicity of the language and how Ruby on Rails could make web development seem so easy!

Living in London

I've been living in London since January 2013, I moved here some days after my birthday to this beautiful city of London.


I'm currently working at Sticky9, a young company that makes your photos come to life in form of magnets, cases and covers. You should try it out ;)


I used to work as developer, in a team of 5 members, 4 Developers (counting 1 Lead Developer) and 1 Product Manager. Our goal was to make our Hosts have the best experience when publishing their own property.

Here at HouseTrip we like to think before we act, we discuss new features and how we can we bring more value by building new features as a team. That's one of the things I felt in love when I joined - we discuss, we plan and we build together!

There is teamwork, and there is no such thing as being stuck during days with some problem, we work as a team and we solve problems together.

Where can you find me?

Twitter: @davidslv, LinkedIn: davidslv